Heather and Ava
Heather and Ava

Ava’s Gift to June, Inc. was created to help pay medical bills, travel expenses, and other costs associated with the treatment of childhood cancer.  Our organization is run completely by volunteers and relies solely on donations.  One hundred percent of proceeds go directly to the qualified and selected families to help ease their financial burden while their child undergoes treatment.

Ava’s Gift  to June, Inc. was named for Ava, who lost her left eye to Retinoblastoma in 2010 at just twenty-one months old, and her Great-Grandmother, June Pike. When Ava was just one week old, her “pops”, great-nana’s son, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he lived only one month from diagnosis.  Ava spent the first month of her life with her mom, Great-nana, and pop’s who was under hospice care.  During that time great nana shared many stories of “pops” as a baby and we were able to see the pain of a mother losing her child.  She would then look at Ava and comment on the “Gift” that she was. Ava’s Gift to June was created to honor the incredible strength and courage that both Ava and June displayed during their trial with cancer.


Ava is now a happy healthy seven year old and has been in remission for over five years!

To learn more about retinoblastoma, click on the link below:


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