Meet Bryn Lee.

This is 18 month Bryn Lee who has been fighting cancer and on chemo for half of her life.She has daily headaches and vomiting; so it’s great to see her smile thanks to a student in Meagan Plyler’s class.

Her mom is just 21 yrs old without a license or car and now unable to work as Brynlee needs treatment in Charleston for the next year. She is also preparing for a 6 week treatment in Jacksonville FL. Grandparents are missing work because she requires 24 hr care and travel for treatment twice a week. I work with her grandfather who along with his family is devastated as they watch their precious baby suffer with headaches, nausea, and vomiting almost daily. If you would like to help Brynlee’s family they really need GAS cards to get to bi-weekly treatments and volunteers to take them on Mondays. I would love to gather enough gas cards to get them through the whole year. Please share with your friends, churches, co-workers and help adopt this project.


Meet Kelsey.

Kelsey was diagnosed in July 2015 with Fibrosarcoma and just had surgery. Kelsey was diagnosed in July 2015 with Fibrosarcoma. She just had surgery and we were able to send the family a little help and a yellow ribbon from a second grader at Waxhaw Elementary.






This is Cassie.

We were able to help her parents as well thanks to your support at Ava’s Ride for Kids Fighting Cancer. Cassie has two parents who are visually impaired. Her father is blind and her mother is legally blind which makes it hard for them to work and cover her expenses. Recently Cassie received a big box of clothes and a yellow ribbon of Love from a second grader at Waxhaw Elementary. We were able to help her parents as well thanks to your support at Ava’s Ride for Kids Fighting Cancer. Stay Brave and Strong Cassie!!



Meet Emma.

Emma loves school and hates that most of her days are spent in the hospital rather than at school learning and playing with her friends.

Emma was just turning five and ready to start Kindergarten when her mom Amanda made an appointment for her with an ENT at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC to evaluate a chronic sore throat.  Amanda was a single mom raising her daughter with the help of her own mom. Shortly before the appointment Amanda received tragic news that her mother had suffered a Pulmonary Embolism and was transferred to the ICU at Baptist Hospital as well.  Since they were in the same location Amanda kept the ENT appointment so they could plan for Emma’s presumed tonsilectomy only to learn that it wasn’t tonsilitis at all causing her pain but  rhabdomyosarcoma of the uvula, a life threatening cancer.  Sadly, Amanda’s mom passed away that day. So Amanda lost her mom and had her only child diagnosed with cancer on the same day.

After months of chemo Emma did great… for a year.  She was excited to go to school and do the normal kid things again.  Her mom remarried, they bought a home, Emma was loving school when they received heartbreaking news that her cancer had returned.  Emma is now in the fight for her life again undergoing strong chemotherapies and procedures praying for another remission.  Mom Amanda never wavers in her faith that Emma will get her miracle.
Amanda is the perfect example of why we started this charity…so moms like Amanda (who had to quit work ) can cover expenses in order to care for their sick child.


Jamison and his brother Cole were both diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and travel to Philadelphia as often as every three weeks for treatment from Lexington, SC.  These two brothers are battling cancer together and need your help!






Katie is now in remission and CANCER FREE.  She has grown her beautiful hair back and now volunteers for Ava’s Gift to help other families.






Desiree is also one of our superstar cancer free kids.  We were able to provide her family with assistance over the years as she battled lymphoma.



brayden without border


Brayden is an ambassador for Angel Flight East, Retinoblastoma, Ava’s Gift, and now has his own charity called the T & B Foundation that creates pouches to help entertain hospitalized children.







aglogoArwin is from the Philippines where medical care is very different than here in the U.S.  Arwin’s family had to travel to the main hospital and spend months at a time “in confinement” to protect his white blood cell counts.   He often shared his barren hospital room with adults as there was not a children’s hospital.


(PHOTO TO COME) Gemma: story will be added soon


(PHOTO TO COME) Andy,  a high school football star; was diagnosed with brain cancer his senior year.  After surgery and chemotherapy he went into remission.  One year later while attending UNC during freshman year the cancer returned.  Andy is now going for daily radiation trying to once again battle the beast that robs him of every day normal living.

(Jace Jace:  15th month old boy – story will be added soon

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    1. HI Amanda, I hope to have it up soon. I am so technology challenged and rely on a group of volunteer students from the Art Institute so getting our schedules together is tough. I believe I have your letter and will take an excerpt from that! I HOPE Jace is doing well….he is SO ADORABLE!! If you can email me photos they are much easier to upload. Send them to


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