This is 18 month old Bryn Lee who has been fighting cancer and on chemotherapy for half of her life. She has daily headaches and vomiting; so it’s great to see her smile thanks to a student in Meagan Plyler’s class.

Her mom is just 21 yrs old without a license or car and now unable to work as Brynlee needs treatment in Charleston for the next year. She is also preparing for a 6 week treatment in Jacksonville FL. Grandparents are missing work because she requires 24 hr care and travel for treatment twice a week. I work with her grandfather who along with his family is devastated as they watch their precious baby suffer with headaches, nausea, and vomiting almost daily. If you would like to help Brynlee’s family they really need GAS cards to get to bi-weekly treatments and volunteers to take them on Mondays. I would love to gather enough gas cards to get them through the whole year. Please share with your friends, churches, co-workers and help adopt this project. Believe in Brynlee and send your gas card today- click on our website contact information for address and phone.

If you would like more information on how to help this cutie pie and her family please click on the donate section of home page today or e-mail me at me at


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