Cassie has two parents who are visually impaired. Her father is blind and her mother is legally blind which makes it hard for them to work and cover her expenses.

Recently Cassie received a big box of clothes and a yellow ribbon of Love from a second grader at Waxhaw Elementary. We were able to help her parents as well thanks to your support at Ava’s Ride for Kids Fighting Cancer. Stay Brave and Strong Cassie!!

One thought on “Cassie

  1. Hi, I am Cassie’s mom. My husband and I would like to to ll you a Littleton bit about Cassie and our Journey. My husband is an Retinoblastoma Survivor. So wasn’t his father before him. My husband was diagnosed at 18 months old. Lost his sight at age 5. He then had a series of other issues with his eyes and they opted to remove them both when he was a teenager. Four ornfive months after Enucleation he received his prosthetics. My husband does very well for someone with no vision. I have what’s called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I was born with it so I have never had sight out of my left eye and limited eight in the right. I ha had one eye surgery in my life time. Cassie was Diagnosed with Unilaterl Retinoblastoma(Hereditary) at 13 months. She had 6 months of Chemotherapy through a port in her chest. The tumor disappeared but seeds were left. She them had 8 rounds of IAC(Intra Artery Chemotherapy). Cassie’s retina has suffered significant damage from the tumor she won’t be able to regain sight in her right eye. We are still traveling on a regular basis for EUA’s(Exams Under Anesthesia). Thank you for your support and carinkind thoughts as well as donations that can be made. We have had quite the journey and it is far from finished.


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