Emma on her way to school!

Emma was just turning five and ready to start Kindergarten when her mom Amanda made an appointment for her with an ENT at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC to evaluate a chronic sore throat.  Amanda was a single mom raising her daughter with the help of her own mom. Shortly before the appointment Amanda received tragic news that her mother had suffered a Pulmonary Embolism and was transferred to the ICU at Baptist Hospital as well.  Since they were in the same location Amanda kept the ENT appointment so they could plan for Emma’s presumed tonsilectomy only to learn that it wasn’t tonsilitis at all causing her pain but  rhabdomyosarcoma of the uvula, a life threatening cancer.  Sadly, Amanda’s mom passed away that day. So Amanda lost her mom and had her only child diagnosed with cancer on the same day.

After months of chemo Emma did great… for a year.  She was excited to go to school and do the normal kid things again.  Her mom remarried, they bought a home, Emma was loving school when they received heartbreaking news that her cancer had returned.  Emma is now in the fight for her life again undergoing strong chemotherapies and procedures praying for another remission.  Mom Amanda never wavers in her faith that Emma will get her miracle.
Amanda is the perfect example of why we started this charity…so moms like Amanda (who had to quit work ) can cover expenses in order to care for their sick child.  If you would like to help out this family, please donate today.