Helping families who are fighting pediatric cancer is what we do.

” I can’t begin to find the words to thank you for your generosity, help, support and relieving a financial burden.  Last week, we I received your check, the day before we received a bill from Emma’s dental surgery in May for $836.00.  As I was figuring our finances and looking things over, God provided me with the peace that he always does and let me know that money wise, everything was going to be just fine.  The next day, I received a check from Ava’s Gift to June, and so the bill was paid in full. Thank you for all the suggestions of testing, treatments centers and advice.  It certainly helps when you feel so lost in all the doctor visits and appointments.” –  Amanda Everett, Emma’s Mom.

“Thank you so very  much for the financial assistance and Game stop gift cards for Dylan.  He loved it because it is one of his favorite places to shop and the games helped entertain him during our many hospital visits.  I don’t know if you heard the good news.  He is in remission and has been able to return to school.  Thank you again for all you have done for our family.  We so very much appreciate it!”   –  Diane Jacob,  Dylan’s mom.

“You don’t know how much what you did (paid off Harley’s funeral debt) for our family means to us.  It would have taken us years to pay that off and each month would have been another painful reminder that we lost him. Please use any information or photo’s of Harley to spread awareness of childhood cancer. Thank you again for helping my family”- The Manus Family,  Harley

“Thank you for the gas cards to help our Brynlee get to her chemotherapy treatments. Her treatment plan includes 41 weeks at MUSC in Charleston, SC which is a long drive for us  to make once or twice a week.  Due to Brynlee’s condition her mom is unable to work because she requires 24 hr care.  Our (extended) family is providing financial support to the best of their ability but it is becoming very clear that this costly disease is more than our family can handle alone.  Thank you for the financial assistance, gifts for Brynlee, and gas cards. She loves the pink tricycle”.  –  Joe Sellers,  Brynlee’s great-grandfather

“Thank you so very much for the generous gift (donation).  What your organization does for families like ours is so very much appreciated.  Words cannot express our token of thanks for you generosity and assistance.  Thank you”.   –  Keith MacAnn,  Daniel’s father

“I could never express our gratitude for your generous gift!  Your prayers & support through this trying time have been a tremendous blessing.  Meeting you was a true act of GOD and we are fully relying on him to walk through and even carry us at times of need! When our fight against cancer is complete, I hope to hold a fundraiser with all proceeds going back to is the least we can do to support such an amazing organization.”  – A. Thornton,   Emma T’s mom